Aliece "Blossom" Walker

UGC Creator & Photographer

Helping brands stand out on social media with eye catching content that converts!

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As a UGC creator I create engaging short form vertical video & photo's for product and service based business.

User Generated Content is taking over the marketing industry as consumers demand to see more relatable, inclusive, real content. UGC is an increasingly popular marketing strategy that lots of brands are using, especially on TikTok.

It's a less produced, non-salesy, more authentic form of marketing, increasing brand awareness and conversions. Diversify your marketing efforts, tap into new creativity, & highlight social proof with UGC!

Let's talk about how we can work together to promote your business! You can book a discovery call, send me an email, or make a purchase below!

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Why UGC?

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UGC is 42% more effective than brand created content at converting sales

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Consumers find UGC 9.8X MORE impactful than influencer content when making a purchase decision.

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Millinials, the largest group of online shoppers, trust UGC 50% MORE than brand generated content

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6.9% INCREASED engagement & 26% MORE engagement per post

Expertise & Contact

- Specializing in short form vertical TikTok's and IG Reels (iPhone content available)-

- Scriptwriting

- Creative Direction & Strategy

- Professional DLSR Camera & Microphone

- Photo & Video Editing

- Outdoor Photography & Videography

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Pro bundle


4 Video's


20 High Quality Photo's

*Custom Packages Available

*A La Carte $150 per video

UGC Rates & Packages

10 Photo's


20 Photo's


40 Photo's


*Custom Packages/ DLSR Quality Available

Product Photography

Raw Probiotics


Cocoyo Yogurt

Food Design

Vizzy Hard Seltzer

Outdoor / Nature

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Who is Blossom?

Hii! I'm a UGC Creator and photographer with a background in social media marketing and sales. I've been in the industry for over three years, and have recently decided to step away from my career in fitness to start helping businesses create consistent content eye catching content that converts!

Product Photography

Stand out with fresh new eye catching photo's